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    Linda Greve


    The Science Museums, Aarhus University, Denmark

    Research interests: Education; 4E-Cognition; Learning,; Knowledge; Co-creation. MIPVU; Experiments; Observations; Interventions. 

    Languages: Scandinavian, Danish, English.

  • Falk_Marlene_2406_120124_MPN_edited.jpg

    Marlene Johansson Falck


    Umeå University, Sweden

    Research interests: Lexicoencyclopedic conceptual metaphors (LEC metaphors); Experiential bases of metaphor; Motion metaphors; L2 learning. Corpus linguistics; Psycholinguistic surveys.

    Languages: English, Swedish.

  • Per_edited_edited.jpg

    Per Boström


    Umeå University, Sweden

    Research interests: Cognitive Linguistics; Discourse Dynamic Metaphor research; Embodiment; Spoken discourse; Cultural Models; Conceptual metaphor; Metaphoricity. Metaphor Identification Procedure (MIP) (applied to Swedish); Cultural models analysis.

    Languages: Swedish, English.

  • Ngongabild Metnet_edited.jpg

    Sonia Blomquist

    Uppsala University, Sweden


  • IMG_20200224_180742_edited.jpg

    Pernille Bogø Jørgensen

    Lancaster University, UK

    Research interest: Cognitive; Critical; CMT; Scenarios; Chains; Representation; Menopause; Corpus linguistics; Critical discourse analysis; Written discourse; Systemic functional linguistics.

    Languages: Danish, English

  • MetNetScand_Logo.png

    Peer Christensen

    Lund University, Sweden

    Research interests: I study how spatial metaphors for musical pitch are reflected in speech and gesture by speakers of different languages and bilinguals. I'm also exploring how specific space-to-pitch mappings may influence performance in nonverbal tasks.

    Languages: Danish, English

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    Leon Dekker

    Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway

    Research interests: Music; Embodiment; Education; Cultural studies; Philosophy; Discourse analysis; Phenomenology; Music and gesture.

    Languages: Norwegian, Dutch, German

  • Simon_edited.jpg

    Simon Devylder

    Lund University, Sweden

    Research interests: Motivation; Sedimentation; Cutting & Breaking; Body part; Culture; Cognition; Cognitive Linguistics; Cognitive Semiotics. Experimental Semiotics; Gesture analysis; Corpus linguistics.

    Languages: English, French, Swedish, Paamese, Japanese, Indonesian.

  • MetNetScand_Logo.png

    Elena Glotova

    Umeå University, Sweden

    Research interests: Metaphor in fiction; Metaphor in illness narratives; Embodied metaphor. Discourse analysis; Close reading.

    Languages: English. 

  • MetNetScand_Logo.png

    Anne Golden

    University of Oslo, Norway


  • Anna G_edited.jpg

    Anna W Gustafsson

    Lund University, Sweden

    Research interests: Cancer metaphors; Political language. Corpus linguistics; Discourse analysis; Conceptual Metaphor Theory; Metaphor Identification Procedure (MIP). 

    Languages: Swedish.

  • jenny.png

    Jenny Hartman

    Umeå University, Sweden

    Research interests: Autism; Embodied Cognition; Sensory/perceptual foundations; Multimodality. Corpus linguistics.

    Languages: English. 

  • Annika2_edited.jpg

    Annika Hillbom

    Uppsala University, Sweden


  • Charlotte_edited.jpg

    Charlotte Hommerberg

    Linnaeus University, Sweden

    Research interests: Illness; Cancer; Palliative care; Consumer reviews. Metaphor Identification; Corpus linguistics, Discourse analysis. 

    Languages: English, Swedish. 

  • Göran Jacobsson

    Lund University, Sweden


  • Astrid.jpg

    Astrid Jensen

    University of Southern Denmark

    Research interests: Distributed, ecological cognition; Narratives and metaphoricity. Discourse analysis. 

    Languages: English. 

  • Helga.jpg

    Helga Mannsåker

    University of Bergen, Norway

    Research interests: Interaction of metaphor and metonymy; Expert language; Psychiatry; Determinologization; Stigmatization. Critical metaphor analysis; Critical metonymy analysis; Corpus linguistics; Pragmatics; Etymology.

    Languages: Norwegian.

  • Susan photo_edited.jpg

    Susan Nacey

    Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway

    Research interests: Learner language; Spoken discourse; Written discourse; Big Data. Corpus linguistics; Metaphor Identification; 


    Languages: English, Norwegian.

  • MetNetScand_Logo.png

    Leo Nazar

    Umeå University, Sweden

    Research interests: Diachrony; Culture; Constructions; Causation; 

    Moral Accounting; Lexical fields. Corpus investigation; Collostructional analysis; Sociohistorical and discursive contexts.

    Languages: Old and Middle English.

  • MetNetScand_Logo.png

    Marja Nenonen

    University of Eastern Finland

    Research interests: Metaphor; Idioms; Constructions; Migration; Slurs; Sarcasm; Persuasion; Neologisms; Media; Corpus Linguistics; Discourse analysis


    Languages: Finnish, English, (Swedish)

  • Marie_Nordlund_LTU_edited.jpg

    Marie Nordlund

    Luleå University of Technology, Sweden

    Research interests: Corpus linguistics.

    Languages: English.

  • Lacey_edited.jpg

    Lacey Okonski

    Umeå University, Sweden

    Research interests: Metaphor; Allegory; Dance; Embodied Cognition; Computer Based Language Learning; Prepositions; Phrasal Verbs; XYZ Metaphors; Dynamical Systems Theory; Indigenous Mother Earth Metaphors; Metaphorical Framing of the Climate Crisis. 

    Experimental Design; Linguistic Data; Qualitative; Quantitative; Mixed Methods; Data Centered Systematic Metaphor Analysis; Gesture Analysis; Mouse Tracking Data; Dance Movement Analysis.

    Languages: English, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish.

  • IMG_5683_edited.jpg

    Esa Penttilä

    University of Eastern Finland

    Research interests: Idioms; Constructions; Translation; Body parts; Political language; Migration; Education; Media discourse; 

    Conceptual Metaphors; Blending Theory. Corpus linguistics; Discourse analysis; Survey methods; Experiments. 

    Languages: English, Finnish, (Swedish, German).

  • Milena.jpg

    Milena Podolsak

    Stockholm University, Sweden

    Research interests:I am primarily interested in social and ideological aspects of conceptual metaphors, such as political discourse. My current research focuses on TIME-metaphor in political discourse.

  • MetNetScand_Logo.png

    Ljiljana Saric

    University of Oslo, Norway

    Research interests: Metaphor and identity; Metaphor and emotions; Metaphor and creativity; Metaphor and grammar. Discourse analysis; Corpus Linguistics; Qualitative methods. 

  • Misuzu.jpeg

    Mizusu Shimotori

    University of Bergen, Norway

    Research interests: Emotion; Gender; Primary metaphor; Visual metaphor. Discourse analysis. 

    Languages: Japanese, Swedish.

  • George_edited.jpg

    Georgios Stampoulidis

    Lund University, Sweden

    Research interests: Metaphor; Street Art; Polysemiotic Communication; Multimodality; Semiotic Systems; Motivation and Sedimentation Model (MSM); Context; Rhetorical Figures. Qualitative and Quantitative Methods; Go-along-Interviews; Observation; 

    Photographical Documentation; Empathy; Inter-rater Reliability Tests.

    Languages: English.

  • Ella_edited.png

    Elzbieta Strzelecka

    Mid Sweden University, Sweden


  • Janne_edited.jpg

    Jan Svanlund

    Stockholm University, Sweden

    Research interests: Metaphoricity; Conventionality; 

    Conventionalization; Bleaching; Semantic development; Systematicity;  Metaphorical strength. Corpus linguistics; 

    Psycholinguistic testing; eye-tracking.

    Languages: Swedish.

  • Mia_edited.jpg

    Maria (Mia) Svensson

    Umeå University, Sweden

    Research interests: Literal/figurative/double meaning; Wordplay; Fixedness; Collocations; Stereotypes. Corpus linguistics.

    Languages: French, Swedish.

  • Heli_edited.jpg

    Heli Tissari

    Stockholm University, Sweden

    Research interests: Emotions; Virtues; Cognition; History of the English language. Corpus linguistics; Historical linguistics.

    Languages: English. 

  • Kajsa Törmä

    Umeå University, Sweden

    Research interests: Cognitive linguistics, Embodiment, Framing, Multimodality, Political discourse, Scientific communication. Discourse Analysis, CDA, MIP.

    Languages: English. 

  • Anna_edited_edited.jpg

    Anna Vogel

    Stockholm University, Sweden

    Research interests: Critical metaphor analysis; Conventionalized metaphors; Literary stylistics; Poetics; Rhetorics; Translation studies; Multimodal; Socio-semiotics; Digital; Feminist.

    MIPVU; Discourse analysis; Positive discourse analysis; Systemic-functional linguistics.

    Languages: Swedish, English.

  • Mila_edited.jpg

    Mila Vulchanov

    NTNU – Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

    Research interests: Figurative language in development; Figurative language in developmental deficits (e.g., autism); Interventions for problems with figurative language. Advanced experimental research; Eye-tracking; Mouse-tracking, EEG/ERPs. 

    Languages: Norwegian, English, Bulgarian, Spanish.

  • Valentin.jpg new_edited.jpg

    Valentin Vulchanov

    NTNU – Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

    Research interests: Figurative language in development, in developmental deficits; Interventions for figurative language. Experimental research involving eye-tracking, mouse-tracking and standardized tests.

    Languages: Norwegian, English, Bulgarian, Spanish.

  • Thomas_redigerad.jpg

    Thomas Wiben Jensen

    University of Southern Denmark

    Research interests: Metaphoricity; Audio-visual metaphor; Multimodality; Ecology; 4E-Cognition; Affordances; Social interaction; Gesture; Emotion; Public debate. Multimodal interaction analysis; Cognitive Linguistics; Cognitive event analysis; Conversation analysis; Dialogism; Visual analysis. 

    Languages: Danish, English. 

  • Jordan.jpg

    Jordan Zlatev

    Lund University, Sweden

    Research interests: Motivation and Sedimentation Model (MSM); 

    Polysemiotic metaphor; Cognitive Semiotics; Non-actual motion; 

    Gesture. Intuition-based analysis; Elicitation; Corpus analysis.

    Languages: English, Swedish, Bulgarian, Thai. 

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